Here and Now

Sometimes going nowhere special can be more special than an elaborately planned outing.

I haven’t posted for a while. The summer has been lovely and sitting in front of the computer hasn’t appealed…so much for my once a week goal. Maybe now that fall has started I will do better. The joy we experienced this summer is due in large part to a few arrangements we made at my father’s house to improve access.

ksm-20160605-here_and_now-01Grandma has been well, the weather this summer was pretty good here in the Seattle area and we have reveled in the Here and Now. In August we didn’t go on any trips, unless you count going over to my dad’s on Vashon Island.

The Seattle area in August is, in my experience, the best summer has to offer anywhere in the world, and I stick close to home unless absolutely necessary.

As recently as a year ago Grandma was refusing to go over to dad’s. She couldn’t get up the steps into the house, she couldn’t use the bathroom, she couldn’t get up off his furniture…there was a lot of fear of the unknown and getting stuck in awkward ( and embarrassing) situations.

Access changes that help us get here

Over the course of the year we worked on fixes and she now really likes to go over. The holidays (and this year’s are approaching fast!) motivated us. Here is a list of what we did to improve access:

  • Dad built a very solid ramp with a railing.
  • We got bars and a raised toilet seat for the bathroom.
  • We took over a solid captain’s chair the right height for her to manage getting out of and into on her own.

What she did was swallow her pride enough to let us wheel her up the ramp. That was the single biggest change. A year ago she was adamant that she wouldn’t use a wheelchair.

Just being here

ksm-20160710-here_and_now-07This summer she enjoyed sitting at the picture window and just hanging around with the family (human and canine) as it ebbed and flowed, sailed, stand-up-paddled, and ran and got muddy on the beach.

One day we piled into the car (three dogs, three people) to go to the store. At the top of the driveway we decided to take the long way. Grandma lived on Vashon Island for 20 plus years so it was a ramble down memory lane. As a bonus a couple of good friends were out working in their yard and when hailed they came up and had a good long visit at the side of the car.

Time for Sharing (Use the comment box to respond)

  • Do you have favorite “nothing special” places where just hanging out is a fun, relaxing time?
  • What access adjustments and accommodations do you find yourself making?
  • How do you arrange family get-togethers so your elderly/mobility impaired loved one can be part of it all?

Author: Kate

Formerly a stress engineer, I now do this and that. Which involves some website design and maintenance, some photography, some writing, eldercare for relatives, walking my furry friends, a bit of gardening and as little housekeeping as I can manage.