Our “convertible”

convertible walker-wheelchair

Buying the “convertible” changed our lives for the better. Our convertible isn’t a car, it is a convertible walker-wheelchair.

I bring this topic up today because, once again, the convertible walker-wheelchair made a big difference. There was no mobility impaired parking available, almost no parking at all, in the parking garage at her doctor’s. We wound up two spaces from the lowest location. We used the convertible as a wheelchair at first, I pushed her up to the elevator with little effort. In the waiting room we converted it to a walker. A potentially difficult situation managed as smooth as silk.

The history

Before we owned the convertible we wound up in a few pickles. She would find that she didn’t have the strength or balance to get where we needed to go with her walker. She sat on the walker being pushed and pulled along awkwardly.

One particularly memorable time we had to park in the garage across the street from her doctor’s office. It was over a block distance-wise. The hill down to the cross walk was too steep for her to manage. So she sat on the walker and I walked backwards slowly down the hill, trying to keep everything under control. A half block never seemed so far. Once we got across the street and into the building she used the walker, but the distance was too great, she slowed, ran out of steam, then stalled. I trotted ahead and borrowed a wheelchair from the front desk.

Not long after that we went shopping and she ran out of steam in the middle of Fred Meyer. She sat down, rested, then decided to try and scoot herself along without standing up. That didn’t go so well and she got back up. We eventually did make it out, but there were a few minutes when I wondered if we could sleep on the beds in the sheet department over night and go at it in the morning.

After that she refused to try shopping and would just give me her list and sit on a bench. When I was in doubt I would bring the choices to her. Good exercise but…

The solution: the convertible walker-wheelchair

At that point I researched. I found, on Amazon, the “Duet” by Drive, a convertible walker-wheelchair. I had some Amazon bonus bucks from other purchases so I was able to get the duet inexpensively. The best investment I could have made.

The Duet (we call it the convertible)  is solidly okay as an item, but a game changer for lifestyle. Now we do not fear being stranded if grandma’s strength gives out, gets breathless, or her knee starts to hurt. Even though we mainly use it as a walker, just knowing that we have the option of switching over has meant freedom. She is willing to go shopping even if she feels a bit tired or her knees are bothering her. We took a couple of trips up to Skagit Valley to see the flower bulb fields in bloom and a trip to Palm Springs, none of this would have been possible without the convertible.

Skagit Valley tulip field.
Skagit Valley tulip field.

Time for sharing (use the comment box to respond)

  • Is there a piece of equipment that has really made a difference for you? What is it? How does it help?
  • Have you had times when you felt unable to get where you needed to go? How did you cope?

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